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Post  KMRock on Wed Apr 04, 2007 4:32 pm

Hey all! Check out this amazing forum.

Rock 1 Forum

It has only been around for 4 months put there has been 11,000+ posts and 195+ members! It is awesome! Most of the members come on dayly too! We get from 50 - 200 posts a day. And, on some special days, we get aroun 1000 posts. Hear that, 1000 posts! OMG!

There is unique skin with a nice banner to match. Also, you should see the amazing features! There is like, almost every great feature you can have on here. Games Arcade, Awards, Portal Page, Message Boards, Nav Bars, Advanced Stats, User of the Day, Advanced Quick Reply Boxes, more fonts, sizes, colors and more amazing added features! I doubt you will get these anywhere else! You won't beleive your eyes. There will be something for you. There is a range of everything! I mean that seriously!

I forgot to mention the 5 star service of our admin and moderators. They are always around to help you! This had got to be more than amazing right?

While you are there, check out the huge range of cool smilies. They are ripper!

Plus, check out our amazing advertising deals. We have heaps of visitors so if you advertise with us your site will get well viewed.

Need some GFX or Skins made? Here is the place.

Oh, and while you are there, take a look in the new coding section. There are som great codes and you can also get supprot. Very soon you will be able to request them too. Smile

Plus, there is a new teen section for all of the 'teens' to hangout. Smile

There are also coding classes start. Our professional coders will teach html, javascript, css and more.

Want to battle another forum? You have come to the right place. The first forum to 5 votes wins a prize.

Trust me, you will be amazed!

I can't wait to see you there.

Rock 1 Forum

Note: Staff positions are avaliable.

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