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Post  _OOPZZ_ on Sat Apr 28, 2007 5:09 pm

This tutorial will teach you how to blend renders/other objects into your background...

1.) first make a background, i will be using this one i made:
Render Blending Background
2.) copy and paste an image into a new layer, directly above the layer with your background
Render Blending AddPicture2

3.) then using the lasso tool, select around the part of the image you would like to blend and keep (you could do this in waves or just smooth selections)

4.) then right click inside the selected area and click Feather

Render Blending LassoandFeather4
*you can set it anywhere between 15 and 25... for this i used 20

5.) then under your layers palette click the rectangle with the circle in it (second thing to the right) (highlighted in red below)

Render Blending LayerMask5
that will blend your render into your background... experiment with the feather amount, the opacity and layer properties, and how much you select with the lasso tool, whether its waves or smooth, inside the render or outside...
this is the final product:

Render Blending DisturbedAA6

Now YOU try it.. Razz

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